Mark Morris: Musician-Choreographer by Stephanie Jordan

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More than any choreographer working today, Mark Morris is most often cited for his emphasis on musical values and standing within the music profession. This book is the first detailed study of Morris's use of music, revealing an unmatched range of approaches to music and strategies for making us hear musical scores in new ways. Divided into three parts, the book opens with a discussion of the context of Morris's work as a musical journey across his career and in relation to earlier choreomusical theories and processes. After offering proposals for to how to watch and listen to dance, Jordan discusses three periods of Morris's output: 1980-88 (the early years of his dance company), 1988-91 (when he was in-residence in Brussels), and 1992-2014. The choreographer's own voice is heard regularly throughout the book, and analyses of his dances are brilliantly illustrated by a ground-breaking website of film clips hosted by the Mark Morris Dance Group.